February 9, 2015
FoodSHIELD Webconferencing Upgrade

FoodSHIELD Webconferencing Upgrade

NCFPD is excited to announce a dramatic upgrade to the latest version of our web conferencing tool.  The latest version of Adobe Connect features a number of substantial changes and improvements, primarily to the user interface. 
FoodSHIELD New Online Training Courses

FoodSHIELD New Online Training Courses

FoodSHIELD has created 4 new online training courses for new and returning portal members to participate in.
FoodSHIELD New Features: Workgroup Communications App

The workgroup Communications app is now the central hub for workgroup communication. Group members can deliver critical and non-critical messages via posts, email, and text.
FoodSHIELD New Features: Support

We hope you have enjoyed exploring the new FoodSHIELD and continue to discover new ways to use the system. We want you to know that we are always here to help… just a click of the ? away.

Heartbleed Bug

The FoodSHIELD team is aware of the current Heartbleed bug that is affecting many major websites. We want to assure you that FoodSHIELD and its applications are NOT affected by the vulnerability flaw, and as always, security is our number one priority.

To add an additional layer of security, FoodSHIELD offers two factor authentication. To activate two factor authentication click on the "My Profile" icon in the top tool bar, click on “Profile” then “Settings” in the second level tool bar and set “Enable Two Factor Authentication” to yes. 

As advised by security experts, we suggest users change their login passwords on a regular basis.

By Kendra McCormack