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Writing a grant application involves a unique style of writing. It's important to accurately and succinctly convey vision and approach to the evaluators in a convincing manner. The evaluators need to believe that the proposed project(s) are worthwhile with regard to furthering the goals of the funding organization, the organization has a clearly defined plan for completing the project(s), and the organization is capable (with regard to resources) of completing the project(s)s.

Below are some general tips for writing the grant application:

Grant Writing Tips
The grant should be cohesive throughout and build logically from section to section.
Use language that is clear and concise, and avoid the use of jargon or clichés.
Convey to the reader that the proposed project(s) address an important problem.
Use an active rather than passive voice.
Define acronyms and abbreviations.
Demonstrate how your objectives align with the goals, objectives, and priorities of the funding organization.
Try to include tables, figures, graphics, or bulleted text to make the application more reader-friendly.
Outline the methodology for measuring and evaluating results.
Think like a reviewer by emphasizing those elements described in the evaluation section of the grant guidance.
Have the grant application internally reviewed at various stages during development to provide constructive feedback.
Have the application peer reviewed and technically edited. Multiple errors in spelling and grammar may be construed as a lack of effort by the reviewers and leave them assuming the grant project would be executed with the same lack of effort.
Remember to include all necessary forms and required signatures. Incomplete applications are almost always denied.

For additional resources on grant writing, please visit the Other Resources page. 

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