• What is FoodSHIELD?

    FoodSHIELD is a web-based system for communication, coordination, education, and training among the nation's food and agriculture sectors. This secure system allows public health and food regulatory officials at the local, state, and federal levels across the nation to work together. It also helps communicate food safety information among other government agencies.

    What is FoodSHIELD?
  • FoodSHIELD Webinar Users: Adobe Connect Add-in Download

    The webinar service you use to connect to webinars on FoodSHIELD is Adobe Connect. The browser add-in used by connect is set to expire on September 9th which means you must download the new Adobe Connect Add-in to participate in any upcoming webinars. Downloading the new Adobe Connect Add-in is REQUIRED. If you experience any technical problems or have questions, please contact FoodSHIELD Help Desk. Toll Free: 1-877-960-2007 - helpdesk@foodshield.org


    Download Adobe Connect 9 Add-in:

    FoodSHIELD Webinar Users: Adobe Connect Add-in Download
  • Food Adulteration Incident Registry (FAIR)

    The FPDI EMA & Intentional Adulteration database has a new name and improved capabilities!


    Check out the newly updated Food Adulteration Incident Registry (FAIR). The Food Protection and Defense Institute’s Food Adulteration Incidents Registry (FAIR) is a compilation of historical and current events involving economically motivated and intentional adulteration of foods on a global scale. Information for this database is compiled through literature and media searches of economically motivated and intentional adulteration incidents in food products since 1980. 

    Click HERE to get access to the tool.

    Food Adulteration Incident Registry (FAIR)
  • New Training App

    FoodSHIELD is excited to announce the new Training app! The Training App allows a user to attend or create training courses to share with others.  There are two types of courses available.



    New Training App
  • Food and Agriculture Readiness Measurement (FARM) Toolkit

    FoodSHEILD provides access to the FARM Toolkit App which is a measurement tool designed to enable food-sector stakeholders to improve their Mission Areas and Core Capabilities in the event of a food emergency. Based on Presidential Policy Directive 8 and NASDA’s Food Emergency Response Plan, FARM Toolkit aims to strengthen food emergency preparedness.


    Survey: The FARM Toolkit utilizes an interactive survey to gain information on state’s current capabilities.

    Resources: The Resource Library allows FARM workgroup members to search all the materials collected for the FARM survey.

    Food and Agriculture Readiness Measurement (FARM) Toolkit
  • "In the old days, agriculture meant feeding Minnesota. Today it means feeding the world and protecting the planet's food supply from disease and determined terrorists."

    –University of Minnesota President, Eric Kaler