• New Training App

    FoodSHIELD is excited to announce the new Training app! The Training App allows a user to attend or create training courses to share with others.  There are two types of courses available.



    New Training App
  • Food and Agriculture Readiness Measurement (FARM) Toolkit

    FoodSHEILD provides access to the FARM Toolkit App which is a measurement tool designed to enable food-sector stakeholders to improve their Mission Areas and Core Capabilities in the event of a food emergency. Based on Presidential Policy Directive 8 and NASDA’s Food Emergency Response Plan, FARM Toolkit aims to strengthen food emergency preparedness.


    Survey: The FARM Toolkit utilizes an interactive survey to gain information on state’s current capabilities.

    Resources: The Resource Library allows FARM workgroup members to search all the materials collected for the FARM survey.

    Food and Agriculture Readiness Measurement (FARM) Toolkit
  • FoodSHIELD Sponsor


    FoodSHIELD is sponsored by the Food Protection and Defense Institute.

    FPDI is a U.S. Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology Center of Excellence based at the University of Minnesota.



    FoodSHIELD Sponsor
  • "In the old days, agriculture meant feeding Minnesota. Today it means feeding the world and protecting the planet's food supply from disease and determined terrorists."

    –University of Minnesota President, Eric Kaler