FSMA PC Rule Readiness | Sanitation Essentials for Human Food Manufacturing

FSMA PC Rule Readiness | Sanitation Essentials for Human Food Manufacturing

Posted by: Amanda Moren


August 25th, 2016


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Sanitation Essentials for Human Food Manufacturing



This webinar presents an overview of industry best practices for a robust sanitation program in food manufacturing facilities and discusses the FDA perspective on sanitation requirements. 


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Speaker Information:

Dr. Brenda Stahl- FDA

Dr. Brenda Stahl received her PhD in Food Science and Microbiology from Iowa State University in 2007. She began her career working with AIB as their Director of Microbiology, and facilitated new industrial curriculum in Microbiological Program Evaluation and Implementation for the food and beverage industry. She later moved on to NSF International, where she worked as an Industrial Trainer, Consultant and Auditor to the Food, Beverage and Cosmetic industries for over 4 years. She is a licensed SQF and BRC consultant, and has been working with FSMA compliance, as well as heavily integrating industrial manufacturers in many product areas, including juice and beverages, meat and poultry, snack foods and bakery products. She has conducted over 500 audits and inspections, taught more than 50 industrial classes on industrial food safety and sanitation, and is heavily involved in the HACCP Professional Development Group and Food Safety Education Development Groups through IAFP.

Brenda loves to run, do yoga, and hang out with her family.

Joe Stout- President, Commercial Food Sanitation LLC  

Joe Stout Joe Stout is known in the industry for his work in sanitation and hygienic design as the Director of Global Product Protection, Sanitation and Hygienic Design for Kraft Foods. Joe was with Kraft for 29 years and during that time held a variety of positions in quality, and sanitation. While at Kraft in his Product Protection role, he had responsibility for global plant cleaning controls and processes, including allergen/pathogen control programs and pest control. Also, in his scope was the responsibility for hygienic design for facilities and equipment used in Kraft plants to assure the equipment and facilities were cleanable and effectively cleaned. Following retirement from Kraft in 2010 Joe founded Commercial Food Sanitation began consulting for the food industry. Since years the company has grown to 25 members and has merged into the Intralox company.

Joe has been active in sanitation controls and sanitary design of equipment and facilities for dairy, meat, produce and low moisture foods for many years. He led the American Meat Institute's Equipment Design Task Force, which won the Industry Advancement Award. He is the past leader of the GMA Sanitary Design Working Group and developed the training course “Sanitary Design for Allergen & Pathogen Control for Low Moisture Foods”. This course has been held annually since 2009, and is routinely sold out. Joe is also the facilitator for the Innovation Center for US Dairy Food Safety Operating Committee and has led the Large Enterprises Dairy Food Safety Training sessions since 2010 training in the area of 1500 participants in 23 classes around the US. Commercial Food Sanitation also does Sanitation Essentials Training, Hygienic Design Training and a Professional Sanitarian Course. In 2017 30 classes are scheduled.