FoodSHIELD Workgroups

Private Groups

Private workgroups are the most common group type in FoodSHIELD. Whether for collaborating on strategic plans or supporting daily work coordination, these groups hold the most secure options for data sharing. Workgroup admins can allow for invitation-only groups, or allow access requests for non-members.

Community Groups

These groups are the most open and social in FoodSHIELD. Preset with social and communications tools, it allows for FoodSHIELD members to find and discover new communities and groups of interest.

Project Teams

FoodSHIELD brings project management within reach of participants by providing a simple, easy to use yet powerful tool to manage milestones, tasks, and files. Focused on groups that specifically are managing a project versus more broad collaboration, project management becomes easy. As with all groups in FoodSHIELD, you can still add additional features as needed!

Team Mirrors

Also called Cloud Groups, these groups are focused on mirroring the organization of your team in the workspace. Presetting permissions and roles, the team workspaces allow for standard sharing while allowing the flexibility of each individual team to manage the features and options for their workspace. Information worked on inside these teams can easily be shared with other teams within the Cloud Group.