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01. Food Adulteration Incident Registry (FAIR) Database

The Food Protection and Defense Institute’s Food Adulteration Incidents Registry (FAIR) is a compilation of historical and current events involving economically motivated and intentional adulteration of foods on a global scale.

Incidents which occurred more than 5 years ago are available for free. Subscribers have access to all available incidents including visualization. There are currently over 530 unique incidents and growing!

About Food Adulteration Incidents Registry (FAIR)

The FAIR supports food defense efforts by collecting and reporting adulteration incidents, both economically motivated and intentional, thereby helping identify vulnerabilities. Data is routinely curated from publicly available sources and includes food adulteration incidents motivated by terrorism, sabotage, and fraudulent economic gain. The user- friendly dashboard includes a variety of search capabilities, incident summaries, interactive graphs, maps and references.

More information on the FAIR database can be found on FPDI's EMA page.

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